Feel Like a Lion and Live your Dreams

Health believes that when You Live Your ROAR! and Feel Like a Lion, you are Living your Dreams.


Big ROAR! Health believes that when You Live Your ROAR! and Feel Like a Lion, you are Living your Dreams.

As a Lion, you stake your claim on your health. Most people should be able to live happy, productive, active, and meaningful lives into their 80s if they know how to eat, move and rest like a Lion. But even better, there are breakthroughs coming that we believe will lead to being able to live like a Lion even longer, maybe even into your 120s.

By the way, for those people saying that we are facing a social security and Medicare crisis because of the aging of the baby boomers, us Lions say this. What’s the problem? We know how to work. We know how to get things done. Don’t worry about us, we made it this far just fine and we’ll continue just fine as well.

We acknowledge that we are in a rapidly changing society in a rapidly changing community. We believe that change can and should be for the greater good. Heck, look at all the positive developments that have happened in the last few hundred years. We’ve gone from hardly anyone being able to read and write, to education being universally available. Living in a city was very unhealthy, life expectancy was much higher in the country. Major cities like New York suffered continued cholera outbreaks during the 1800s due to lack of sanitation and sewage systems. Horse powered transportation meant lots of horse manure everywhere. Also, food cultivation and preservation was a major challenge.

We are making progress. We are getting better! We are living longer. Life is better for many of us. Even better than that, as a society we are finding answers and solutions to problems. The outlook is even more positive when we look for answers that already exist for these problems. We have the knowledge; we have the technology to live longer and live better. There is no reason that you cannot have that knowledge also.

Life is better now than ever for humanity. I like having mail service, internet, 3 Costcos within 10 minutes of my house…. 

We are {Our body, mind, spirit, soul} being exposed to synthetic, manmade, new, never seen by mankind chemicals, substances, frequencies, fields, stress, toxins, thoughts, and opinions, We eat experimental diets, get less sleep than ever in the history of mankind and are more stressed out than ever.

There are many supplements, medical procedures, etc that will be coming along that will improve both the quality of our lives as well as the length of our lifespan. But I guarantee that none will work unless you are living for your ROAR. The ROAR 80-Plus beta program is designed to help you live through your 80s, using scientifically and medically proven recommendations and guidelines. Additionally, the ROAR! 80-Plus Program will be continually updated so that you will be ready, anytime, to take advantage of the ROAR! 120-Plus Program.

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Mike Hoffman

Health Coach, Urban Farmer, Blogger

"Find your ROAR! and feel like a LION!"

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