Silver Bullets of Health

There are 5 magic silver bullets.


Big ROAR! Health says that there are 5 magic silver bullets. 1) Eat For Your ROAR! {or Feed Your ROAR!). 2) Move Like a Lion, 3) Sleep Like a Lion {Recover Harder than you Train) 4) Peaceful like a Lion (Think like a Lion - Stress management) and 5) ROAR! with Lions (social support)

We believe that we have a better ROAR! when we eat real food. The kind of food that mankind has been eating for thousands of years. The more real food we eat and the less ultra processed Frankenfood we eat, the stronger our ROAR! This is what Eat for Your ROAR! is all about.

Move Like a Lion means Live like a Lion. The ROAR! 80-Plus helps you determine for yourself how much exercise and what type of exercise you should get to live the life of your dreams. As we get older, it is harder to retain muscle, but when we stay active, when we live like we have something to live for, we can improve our health and maintain these improvements.  When we eat right and train right, we can often build muscle, lose fat, and have more energy! With Big ROAR! Health, you’ll learn that you don’t have to exercise like you’re training for a Triathlon in order to live the life you’ve worked for. But if you want to train for an Ironman, and you have your doctor’s approval, we say why not!

Rest Like a Lion says “Recover harder than you train”. It means getting 8 hours of sleep per night is a good place to start and you are willing to work at it.

Peaceful Like a Lion say “I got this. Things may get tough every now and then, and we don’t go looking for trouble, but we can handle whatever comes our way”. Think like a Lion helps you to have the confidence to make the right choices. They may not seem like the easiest choices at the time, but a Lion knows it’s worth making tough choices sometimes in order to make life much better in the future.

ROAR! with Lions is about seeking connection, social support and encouragement from like-minded people in a safe comfortable environment. It is easier to Find Your ROAR!, Nourish your ROAR! and Live like a Lion when you hang out with other Lions! Mutual Dependency is built on trust that has developed as we get to know one another and find out who we can really count on. We like to connect to fellow Lions who we know are like-minded

Adopt these 5 silver bullets and you have a great chance of being healthy and active right through your 80s. These are the foundational principles. There are supplements, procedures, and other interventions that are available and others will be coming along which will help even more, but the 5 silver bullets are non-negotiables and are necessary first, then you can think about trying other things. That said, we will continue to improve the The ROAR! 80-Plus program and add improvements as they come available and become “Lion Approved” and “Big ROAR! Certified”.

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Mike Hoffman

Health Coach, Urban Farmer, Blogger

"Find your ROAR! and feel like a LION!"

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